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             Transfer of Property is a regular phenomenon in Indian society which is done in various ways. The transfer of Property can be done through sale deed, gift deed, will, release, settlement, partition etc. But, it is not as simple as it looks because the process and modes of transferring contains numerous complexities. Now, a document of transfer of property needs to be registered and appropriate stamp duty is supposed to be paid. The registration of documents includes execution, presentation and admission of the same which is a complex process and should be done with utmost care. It is a contractual document that includes legally valid terms, Transferring the property to one person to other person and is enforceable in a court of law. It is mandatory that a deed should be in writing, and that both parties involved must sign the document. The Document is required to contain the following:

  • The chain of title i.e. all legal rights to the present seller.
  • Defined demarcation of the boundaries of the property.
  • Other rights (if applicable) annexed to the property and its use.
  • The method of delivery of the given property to the buyer.
  • A memo of the consideration, stating how it has been received.
  • Any other terms and conditions that are applicable as far as the transfer of
    ownership rights are concerned.

Tariff Card for Property Registration Legal Services

Sl.No Services Provided With in 50 lakhs With in 1Crore Above 1Crore
1 Drafting of Agreement to sell 5,000.00 10,000.00 15,000.00
2 Drafting of Sale deed 5,000.00 10,000.00 15,000.00
3 Liaisoning for Registration 5,000.00 7500.00 10,000.00

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Our Services

  1. Agreement to Sell
  2. Memorandum of Associates
  3. Sale Deed
  4. Gift Deed
  5. Exchange Deed
  6. Release Deed
  7. Partition Deed
  8. Rectification Deed
  9. General Power of Attorney
  10. Will and More..
Our Team
We are giving specialized service through expertise professional in Property matters in different areas, we are having following team of associates in property related problems in professional way.

The Teams as follows :

  • 1) Advocates team for Documentation and Property Registration
  • 2) Advocates team on property matter for opinion
  • 3) Advocate for court matters
  • 4) Liaisoning person to represent in various offices
  • 5) Chartered Accountant for capital gain and other purposes