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I have purchased a land on Kanakapura road from one of my friends. On verifying the documents I came to know that the said land was originally allotted to the member of a Schedule Caste from the Government of Karnataka. My friend from whom I have purchased the land had purchased it from the said member of Schedule Caste 10 years back. I learnt there are some restrictions on sale of such property. Please inform whether I derive good, valid title to the land?

- by Raghavendra, Bangalore

The land which you have purchased from your friend was originally allotted to a member of Schedule Caste free of cost by the Government of Karnataka. Your friend purchased the said land and subsequently sold it to you. The transaction that is the purchase of the land which is allotted free of cost to a member of Schedule Caste is in violation of the provision of Prohibition of Transfer of Certain Lands Act 1978.  The purchaser will not get legally valid title to the property. The government may initiate action against you, resume the land and reallot to the legal heirs of the original allottee.


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