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I have purchased a site at Kengeri measuring 30’ x 40’.  But the sale deed which was registered mentions the area as 29’ X 40’.  The consideration was paid for 30’ X 40’.  I did not consider it as major mistake as the entire site area of 30’ X 40’ was fenced and the site was in my possession from the date of purchase that is 1990.  I have constructed a house also. However my neighbor is claiming that 1’ X 40’ area belongs to him. I seek your kind advice as to the course of action to be taken. 

- by Saravan, Bangalore

Please verify the sale agreement, if any entered into between the vendor and yourself as to the area agreed to be sold. Thereafter, verify the title deeds of the site, whether the vendor from whom you purchased the site; owned the site measuring 30’ x 40’ or 29’ x 40’. If your seller had owned 30’ x 40’ and the agreement also refers to 30’ x 40’ and the consideration passed is also for 30’ x 40’; you may approach the vendor for corrective / rectification measures. You may also verify the title of your neighbor by obtaining the encumbrance certificates and certified copies of his title documents from Sub-Registrar’s Office and central records room. On ascertaining the facts, you may file a suit of injunction to restrain the     interference of your neighbor in your property. 


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