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I purchased a property and have since received the registered Sale Deed.  I am told to get Khatha transferred to my name.  What is the procedure to get it transferred to my name?

- by Niranjan, Bangalore

Transfer of Khata to your name is to be done by jurisdictional revenue authority under whose jurisdiction the property is situated. You have to apply for transfer with a duly filled Katha transfer application signed by both the seller and purchaser along with a copy of registered Sale Deed , latest tax paid receipt, and upto date encumbrance certificate.  The revenue authorities acknowledge the application and indicate the date, by which the process will be completed, which is to be completed in 45 days.  They may also call for additional information/ document.  On payment of prescribed fee (2% of the stamp duty of sale deed) the Katha will be transferred into your name and an endorsement will be issued to this effect.  Thereafter, tax paid receipts will be in your name.


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