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My husband who was English-man had his domicile in Australia. He died during his visit to India at Mysore. He has some movable and immovable properties in India. Please inform how his assets will devolve. 

- by Cecilia, Bangalore

The devolution of assets of your husband is as per the provisions of the Indian Succession Act 1925. The said Act provides different procedures for movable and immovable assets. The devolution of immovable properties will be as per Indian laws, that is Indian Succession Act. The devolution of movable properties is as per the law of his domiciled country, “succession of movable properties of Englishman domiciled in Australia”.


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I am an Indian settled in the US.  I am planning to buy property in India, and for that I need to give a 'General Power of Attorney' to my father. For this

1. Do I need to get it attested by the Indian Embassy or is a notarized Power of Attorney enough?

2. I have downloaded the miscellaneous form from the embassy site which says signature of the applicant must be notarized. 

I would be sending that Form and a Notarized General Power of Attorney along with my photo. My sign on the GPA would be notarized. Do I need to notarize the signature on the form too?

Q:- I am an NRI (Non Resident Indian), looking to make a Power of Attorney to allow my brother to purchase a flat in I on my behalf.  My question is, can I make a single Power of Attorney in favour of my brother  for obtaining housing  loan from the bank and to deal with the property developers for purchase and registration of the flat on my behalf?

Q:- I am an NRI. My younger brother has forged my signature and created a fake power of attorney and has taken a loan from bank against my house and now he claims that the house belongs to him. What should I do under the circum-stances?

Q:- I am an overseas citizen of India.  I am looking to make a Power of Attorney to allow my brother to purchase a flat in my name and on my behalf.  I would get the Power of Attorney notarized and then validated by the Indian consulate. My question is can I make a single Power of Attorney for obtaining the loan from the bank and to authorize him to negotiate and deal with any property for purposes of purchase and registration of the property in my name? 

Q:- Can NRI/PIO repatriate the sale proceeds of residential/commercial property in India acquired by way of inward remittance through normal banking channel or by debit to NRE/FCNR (B) account? If so, what is the quantum?