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My father is a General Power of Attorney holder in respect of property at Kengeri.  The khatha stands in the name of my father as holder. He is paying the taxes regularly and receipts are issued in his name. But many people say that he is not the owner of the property but he may sell it to any other person and get it registered in purchaser’s name. As we want to retain the property, can my father sell and register the property to me. Please advice?

- by Mohan, Basaveswaranagar, Bangalore

The general power of attorney holder cannot purchase the property in his own name nor can he be the owner of the property. He is only acting on behalf of the owner of the property as per the terms of power of attorney.  However, if the power of attorney is obtained on payment of consideration he may get the property registered in his name. There must be documentary evidence in consideration that your father may sell the property to you.


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