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I am planning to buy a site. The owner is in U.S.A. He has given the GPA to his relative. I came to know that different types of GPAs are executed. If I want to buy this site, how do i know as to what kind of GPA he has given to his relative?  If the person is in U.S.A., is it possible to give GPA to the other persons?

- by K. Shekar, H.S.R Layout

NRIs can execute GPA in India before leaving India or can even execute the same abroad.  However, the same has to be executed before Consulate/Embassy on the appropriate stamp paper or the same can be executed on white paper before the consulate and after receiving the same in India, stamp duty can be paid in District Registrar’s Office within four month s from the date of the execution.  If the GPA date is very old,  then the geniuses of the same has to be confirmed from the executant in writing.


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