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My family is of agriculturists. We jointly own five acres, 20 guntas of agricultural land. The lands falls in green belt area. The income from agriculture is only source of our livelihood. Ours is a joint family consisting of 22 members. The land in close proximity to the Bangalore City and there is an apprehension, that the land may be notified by BDA at any time. As such can we initiate any legal process to avoid acquisition from BDA?

- by Achchappa, Begur

The law does not provide for any preemptive action to avoid acquisition of land from BDA. The determining point is the public interest. Personal interest is subordinate to public interest at large, and any damages, inconvenience caused to the individual will be compensated. However, in case, BDA notifies your property for acquisition, you may file objections that the land is only source of your livelihood, with any other relevant points and request for denotification.


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