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In your issue dated September 2004, under FAQ, it is informed that if an agricultural land is purchased by a person who is not eligible, such property automatically vests in the government. Please inform what is the position in case of a person who is not eligible to own an agricultural land; acquires agricultural land by Will or by inheritance.

- by Raja Reddy, Raichur

The process and the final outcome is similar to that of purchase of agricultural land by a person who is not eligible. Any person who is not eligible to purchase or own agricultural land if acquires agricultural land by inheritance or through Will has to report the details of agricultural land acquired and the details of his income to the jurisdictional Tahasildar, within 90 days of such acquisition. The Tahsildar will report the matter to the deputy commissioner, who will notify such lands which get transferred to the government. The government pays the prescribed compensation, whereas in case of purchase by non-eligible persons, no compensation is paid.


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