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My son wants to purchase a plot on the outskirts of Bangalore which is found to be falling within the green belt area for construction of a residential house.  I have been told that non-agriculturists are not eligible to purchase agricultural lands.  But the vendor states that this problem could be circumvented by registering this plot in sq.ft. instead of guntas. My father is an agriculturist.   Can my son purchase this land and construct a house?

- by Shylendra, Bangalore

If you show documentary proof that he is an agriculturist, He may purchase the plot and get it registered in guntas provided he fulfills the eligible income criteria.  Any person, family, joint family who are agriculturists and the assured annual income from non-agricultural sources is less than two Lakh may purchase agricultural lands.  To arrive at this figure, the non-agricultural income of all the family members of the joint family will be considered.  The average assured non-agricultural income of the joint family for the immediate previous five years should be less than two Lakh.       


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