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In your August issue, you answered the query of Smt. Kausalya Devi about the devolution of property inherited by a female through her father. I am in similar situation but the property inherited by me is that of my father-in-law. I do not have any children and my husband also expired an year ago. Please advise how my property is devolved?

- by Ramadevi, Seshadripuram

Hindu Succession Act has made vital distinction in case of properties inherited by Hindu females from father or from father-in-law and husband. The property inherited from father-in-law by a Hindu female who do not have any legal heirs, will devolve on the legal heirs of father-in-law, property being treated as if owned by the father-in-law. In your case you do not have any legal heir so the property will devolve on legal heirs of your father-in-law.


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