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I am married and have two children. However, I had a girl friend with whom I had intimate relationship before marriage and have two children from her. My girl friend is dead.  I own some properties, which are self-acquired and also some inherited ancestral property. I want to settle the issue of properties, now itself to be operative after my death to avoid any disputes. Can I give some portion of the properties to my children from my girl friend?

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Your children from your girl friend are eligible for shares in your both self-acquired and inherited property, as per law. Law does not differentiate between your legitimate children and children from your girl friend. In case of your self-acquired property, you are at liberty to deal as you like during your lifetime; the ancestral property has to be shared among all your children and wife and you do not have any options. You may make a Will bequeathing your self-acquired property as you wish, and the ancestral property devolves as per law. 


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