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Recently I have entered into an agreement for purchase of a site measuring 30x40 in layout formed by a co-operative housing society. The site was allotted to the seller by a co-operative housing society. It is learnt that the Karnataka Government had acquired the land and allotted to the society and the layout is approved by the BDA. I was informed that I should become a member of the co-operative housing society. Please advise us as to what are the documents to be obtained. 

- by Subbarayappa, Kolar

You have to verify whether the co-operative housing society is approved by referring to the memorandum and by-laws of the society, and certificates granted by the concerned authorities. Please also verify whether the sale is to be made only to the members, restrictions on transfer of the allotted site, and whether any No objection certificate is required for the transfer of the site. If necessary, you have to become a member of the society. Please verify how the society got the land by referring to relevant records of acquisition by the society. Check the approval accorded by the BDA to form the layout and betterment payment charges paid by the society. Call for the allotment letter of the seller money paid receipts to the society, possession certificate, sale deed executed by the society in favour of the seller, katha certificate in the name of the seller, latest tax paid receipt and power, water, charges paid receipts, approved building plan. It is advisable to refer the entire document to an advocate for title scrutiny report.


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