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We are three brothers. The youngest one ran away at the young age of 15 and there was no news about him for the last 14 years. We filed a police complaint and made all enquiries through available channels. During this period our parents passed away and we got the properties divided between the two of us. Now the brother has come back and he is claiming his share. Is there any way to solve this unexpected problem?

- by Ramanujam, Jayanagar, Bangalore

It seems your parents died without leaving any will. That being so, you three brothers are entitled to enjoy the property in equal proportion. A person missing does not mean that he is dead. But According to law, if a person is missing for 12 years he is presumed to be dead. Having come back, your brother is entitled to 1/3 rd share of the properties even though he was absent from the scene for about 14 years.


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Q:- We are three brothers and two sisters. My elder sister was married on 3.8.1989, and has one son.  Another sister was married on 5.11.1995, and has no issues. We three brothers are living together as joint family in an ancestral house and have inherited ancestral property of our grandfather. Our parents have expired. Now my sisters are demanding shares in ancestral property including the house and have threatened to file a partition suit.  As we would like to settle the issue amicably, please advise us.

Q:- I have read that “in the absence of any family member not residing with the tenant all the heirs will be entitled to the tenancy right”. “ I have two married daughters residing in Navi Mumbai and I am at the Central suburb, how can I ensure that the tenancy rights of my daughters will be safeguarded and after my death the tenancy can be transferred in their names according to my will ?

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Q:- I am an Orphan and brought up by my distant relative. Out of natural lone and affection, my distant relative wants to give some immovable properties to me by will which he wants to keep secret.  Please clarify whether will requires to be witnessed or I and my relative could sign as witnesses.

My friend has immovable properties in States of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.  He has made a WILL in respect of these properties and wants to get it registered. Please clarify:
(a) As to the state in which will is to be registered.
(b) Can any member of the public or legal heirs of my friend obtain certified copies of the will?