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Recently my cousin purchased an apartment costing Rs. 21/- lakh.  Out of this, Rs. 6/- lakh was invested by his mother and remaining Rs. 15/- lakh is though Bank loan. When he applied for the loan he made his wife as co-applicant, even though she is not paying her share of EMI. The property is registered in his name. His wife is showing lot of instability in their relationship. He now fears that they might get separated. He doesn’t want the property to go to his wife.
Please advise what he should do so that the property would not go to his wife?

- by Sudarshan, Bangalore

The property is purchased in the name of your cousin. His wife is made a co-applicant / co-borrower for the bank loan. She doesn’t have any stake / claim over the property standing in the name of your cousin but on the contrary she has liability for repayment of the loan as a co-borrower. Hence, the property purchased by your cousin can be enjoyed by him as his exclusive property and his wife will have no claim over the property.


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