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We stay in a rented house and we are now planning to leave the house since the owner did not fulfil the promise that he had made while giving the house. The owner had informed that he was going to furnish the house with the wardrobes which he did not complete. Now that we are planning to leave the owner says that he does not have the money to pay back the deposit we have made. The agreement was for 11 months which will expire in the month of May. We have also given him 3-month’s notice in the month of November 2006. How should I get back the deposit from the owner since we have seen a different house and also paid token advance to them?

- by Rushit, Mysore

You may amicably settle the matter by persuading the landlord to refund the security deposit at the time of vacating the house or in the alternative you may file a case in a competent court and retain possession of the premises till you get back your security deposit subject to the out-come of the case.


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