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I am an NRI (Non Resident Indian), looking to make a Power of Attorney to allow my brother to purchase a flat in I on my behalf.  My question is, can I make a single Power of Attorney in favour of my brother  for obtaining housing  loan from the bank and to deal with the property developers for purchase and registration of the flat on my behalf?

- by Prasanna Rajaratnam, New York

The validly executed Power of Attorney can contain all the clauses which you would delegate to your attorney holder, including selecting the property, entering into agreement to sell, sale deed, borrowings from the Bank, mortgage, sale or gift of the property purchased in your name, etc.  The General Power of Attorney (GPA) executed in a foreign country needs to be presented for adjudication of stamp duty payble on such GPA to the concerned District Registrar within three (3) months of its receipt in India.


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