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I am an Indian settled in the US.  I am planning to buy property in India, and for that I need to give a 'General Power of Attorney' to my father. For this

1. Do I need to get it attested by the Indian Embassy or is a notarized Power of Attorney enough?

2. I have downloaded the miscellaneous form from the embassy site which says signature of the applicant must be notarized. 

I would be sending that Form and a Notarized General Power of Attorney along with my photo. My sign on the GPA would be notarized. Do I need to notarize the signature on the form too?

- by Aditya Ram, US

The Power of Attorney can be executed either before a Notary or attested by a Consulate Officer. As the Form specifically says that the same needs to be notarized, you have to notarize the same. Further, after receiving the same in India, it should be adjudicated before the concerned District Registrar by paying stamp duty.


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