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I have purchased a site near Krishnarajapuram. The site is formed in converted land for non-agricultural residential purpose the site is assessed for property tax by the village Panchayat.  I have planned to construct a house in the site and planes are being submitted to village Panchayat for approval.  But I apprehend the land may be notified for acquisition by BDA in due course.  What will be the position of the house constructed in case BDA notices the land for acquisition?

- by Vinod Kumar, Bangalore

The BDA may notify the land for acquisition at any time. The BDA first issues preliminary notification where in it calls for any objections. BDA also conducts the survey of lands proposed to be acquired and documents the developments and constructions. Thereafter considering the objections and the developments, final notification will be issued. Any constructions prior to the preliminary notification will be integrated into the layout. You may go ahead with construction of house after obtaining approval of plan and thereafter get the property assessed for tax. In case BDA notifies the land for acquisition you may file objections with relevant documents.


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