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Our location is purely residential.  But a private school is functioning in a rented building in the area.  The school authorities are planning to construct own building.  Can we object to the location of the school in residential area?

- by Rammohan Reddy, Bangalore

Comprehensive development plan 1995 for Bangalore allows certain essential services in residential areas which are required by the residents.  Schools offering general education, course upto secondary education are permitted in residential area.  One cannot object to location of such schools in residential area.  Please check up the nature of education offered.

You may also verify the approved plan for the present rented school building,  whether it is for residential purpose, or for school, and if found any deviations may initiate action.

With regard to proposed new building of the School, if it complies with setbacks, FAR and other building bye-laws, it cannot be objected to.


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