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I have entered into an agreement to purchase a property at Hongasandra which falls under the area of Bommasandra CMC.  The party is having CMC Katha, tax paid receipts. I have paid 50% of the sale price. Now, the Sub-registrar has refused to register the property. My agreement is going to lapse within one month.  What should I do in this situation?

- by Krishnappa, Bangalore

As per the Government notification No. RD 174 MUNOMU 2005 Bangalore dated 23rd April 2005; your property could not be registered at present.  If your property is in order and you want to register the same, you have to pay stamp charges or present it for registration or get refusal endorsement from the Sub-registrar and change it before the Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka else you have to wait till the Government lifts the ban on registration. In the meantime, if your agreement is going to lapse, you have to enter into an understanding for renewal of agreement period till the time registration re-opens.


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