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What are all the purposes for which a General Power of Attorney can be executed?  What is the meaning of a Special Power of Attorney?

- by Arunachalam, HSR Layout

[A] The executant  of a Power of Attorney can  assign all the legally permissible activities to his attorney holder to be performed on his behalf. The following are some of the  powers which the executant can assign to his attorney holder under a power of attorney:

To buy, sell, maintain and Manage and  pay taxes in respect of the property of the executant. 
To conduct  banking transactions on behalf of the executant.
To Invest, or not invest,  money  in stocks, and securities,   bonds and mutual funds, etc., on behalf of the executant.
To make legal claims and conduct litigation for and on behalf of the executant.
To attend to tax matters of the executant.
To make gifts on  behalf of the executant.
To utilize the assets of the executant and meet the expenses of the family and of the executant.
To buy and sell insurance policies and annuities for and  on behalf of the executant.
To conduct the business activities for and on behalf of the executant 

[B] Power of Attorney executed by a person in favour of another to act on his behalf for specific purpose is called Special Power of Attorney. If a person is unable to go over to registry office to present a document executed in his favour or to admit execution of document executed by him, such power of attorney shall be authenticated or attested by the Sub Registrar. 


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My brother had purchased a site from his friend. The site was allotted by BDA and the allottee had lease cum sale. The seller, has received the full consideration and has executed a registered general power of attorney in my favour. He has acknowledged the  receipt of full consideration by way of an affidavit which is notarised. Also When my brother pur- chased the site, it was still in lease period, and BDA has not executed the absolute sale deed.
But, my friend has received a legal notice from the allottee stating that power of attorney is cancelled and he intends to sell the site to others. What is the remedy?

Q:- Whether the General Power of Attorney requires franking or registration?  Can the GPA holder attend the Sub-Registrar’s office for registration of GPA on behalf of the executant of GPA? What charges are payable for registration of GPA?

Q:- How do I make Power of Attorney?

Q:- My father is a General Power of Attorney holder in respect of property at Kengeri.  The khatha stands in the name of my father as holder. He is paying the taxes regularly and receipts are issued in his name. But many people say that he is not the owner of the property but he may sell it to any other person and get it registered in purchaser’s name. As we want to retain the property, can my father sell and register the property to me. Please advice?

Q:- My uncle has given Power of Attorney to his friend to develop certain properties, negotiate and sell them. He has also received the consideration.  The stamp duty paid on Power of Attorney is Rupees One Thousand only and the Power of Attorney is not registered. The Attorney holder has developed the property and has sold to various purchasers. But, now my uncle wants to gift some portion of the said property to his sister. Since the stamp duty paid on Power of Attorney is only Rupees One Thousand and not as per sale deed and is not registered, can my uncle claim the sale deeds executed by his friend, Power of Attorney holder, as irregular and not enforceable and gift the property to his sister.