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I am a Hindu and have acquired certain immovable properties out of my own income. I do not have any issues. My husband died recently and my parents also expired long back. Please inform who will succeed my acquired property if I do not make a will.

- by Kaushalya, Mysore

The succession of the self acquired property owned by female in the absence of a will is governed by Hindu Succession Act 1956. It devolves as follows:-

      1. Firstly, sons, daughters including children of any predeceased son or daughter and husband.

      2. Secondly upon husband

      3. Thirdly upon mother and father.

      4. Fourthly upon heirs of father/care of.

      5. Lastly upon heirs of mother.

As you informed that you do not have any children, your parents and husband are deceased, then the self acquired property will devolve upon the heirs of your father and in their absence, heirs of your mother. You may also make a will so that property will devolve to persons as per your will.


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