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The Khata of property which we own is still in the name of my father who has died five years ago. At present the property is jointly owned by my mother, me and my sister as per the will made by my father. Tax paid receipts are issued in the name of my father. The property is in Gokula Extension, Bangalore. Please advise the procedure for transfer of Khata in our names. Can the Khata be in any one of our names?

- by Siddappa, Mathikere

You have to apply to the Jurisdictional City Corporation office for transfer of Khata. The prescribed form has to be duly filled, signed and submitted to the Corporation Office. The copy of the document evidencing the transfer of immovable property, in your case will should also be submitted along with an application. The Khata can be made in joint names of all three persons or can be in any one of the names, in which case other owners have to file their no objection certificates / affidavits. After the statutory period of thirty days the Khata will be transferred in the name of the applicant.

Transfer of Khata attracts a transfer fee of two percent of stamp duty paid on the transfer document. But in your case, the transfer document being Will, it will not attract any stamp duty and hence no charges are to be paid. After the transfer of Khata, tax receipts will be issued in your names. 


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