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My friend had purchased a house in Gadag.  It has only ground floor. He has permitted me to construct another floor (1st floor) and to use it for my residence or let out.  He assures me that I would be the Owner of that floor and is willing to execute any documents in this regard.  Please suggest the proper documents to be obtained.

- by Shadasharappa, Gadag

First of all please examine the FAR permitted on the site.  You have not informed the dimensions of the site, built up area of the house and details of building plan originally approved. If the further construction to suit your needs is permitted, you may proceed further.  Your friend may lease the roof rights for a longer period in your favour.  But in this case you will be enjoying only lease hold rights and not ownership rights and problems may arise after the expiry of the lease period.  You may also acquire undivided share in the land, wherein you will derive ownership rights you may construct a first floor.  Please ensure that the deeds are properly drafted, legal guidance is recommended. In both the cases, the documents should be properly stamped and registered.


These are all the legal questions answered by Advocate S.Selvakumar in various magazines, in various occasion including realestate reporter monthly.