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I am founder of an educational institution situated on the outskirts of Mysore. The institution is fast developing and needs expansion. There are various agricultural lands surrounding the institution but sale and purchase of Agricultural lands is restricted in Karnataka. The owners are willing to convert the land and then sell but it will be costly, which our institution cannot afford. Please advise how I can acquire additional land for the educational institution.

- by Shivarudrappa, Chamarajanagar

Section 109 of the Karnataka Land Reforms Act empowers the government to exempt any land in any area from the provisions of the sections 63, 79-A, 79-B or 80 to be used by educational institutions recognised by state or central government for non-agricultural purpose. The limit is four units of land; you may approach the District Revenue Authorities for exemption of the restrictive provisions of sale/purchase of agricultural land which you want to purchase.


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