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I have purchased a site measuring 30’ X 40’ in a private layout formed on a converted land. The layout has roads, drainage, water and power facilities and is well developed. The layout is situated at Parapana Agrahara. Recently, BDA has notified this survey no. for acquisition for formation of Hi-tech city.  The preliminary notification is released recently. Please advise how to proceed?

- by Srinivas, Bidadi

If the layout is formed on a converted land with all the facilities and if you have a registered sale deed in your name, you may file the objections with the Acquisition Officer supported by documentary evidence.  This objection has to be filed within 30 days from the date of preliminary notification.

The Acquisition Officer on hearing your representation duly supported by documents and if the area is well developed will de-notify the said survey number before the publication of final notification.


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