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I would like to state that I bought a site in BSK VI stage. I am desired to know more about the area and the progress that is being taken place. By what time the area will be fully developed to proceed on constructing a house.
What are the documents other than sale deed,  Khata, tax paid receipt required to avail loan from the banks? Is encumbrance certificate to be made if the allotment is made by the BDA directly?

- by Sri Venkatesh, Bangalore

You have not informed how you got the site, whether by allotment from BDA or by direct purchase, Banks require title document, which establishes the ownership of borrowers. In case of direct purchase, apart from your sale deed, Khata certificate and tax paid receipts in your name, the title documents and revenue documents of the property establishing the right, title, interests of the person who sold the property to you are required. It is necessary to trace how the seller acquired the property and its origin  at least for forty year. In case of the property is allotted by BDA, the allotment letter, possession certificate, amount paid receipts are required in addition to sale deed, Khata and tax paid receipts. Encumbrance certificates at least for 13 years is essential for any type of property. If you are going for construction, approved plan is also required. Though this column is not for forecasting the future development of any area the area in which your site is situated may develop within a couple of years.


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