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In your February 2003 issue, under the article Purchase of Agricultural lands, it is mentioned that persons/families with an annual non-agricultural income of rupees two lakhs and above are not eligible to purchase agricultural lands. What is the basis of determining the non- agricultural income?

- by Rama Rao, Gowribidanur

Section 79 (A) of the Karnataka Land Reforms Act, 1961 deals with the concept of non- agricultural income. The aggregate income of all the members of the family or the joint family from the sources other than agricultural land will be the non- agricultural income of the family or joint family.

A person, family or joint family having an average income of more than rupees two lakhs from non-agricultural source during five consecutive years or assessed for income tax on yearly non-agricultural total income of more than rupees two lakhs for five consecutive years, shall be deemed to have non-agricultural income of not more than two lakh rupees per year.


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