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I am not able to understand the difference between Katha Certificate and Katha Extract. Could you also brief me about the importance of Encumbrance Certificate? I shall be very grateful to you if you could give me reply to my mail with answers. I shall sincerely look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you, very truly yours.

- by K. S. Shivam,

Katha means the accounts maintained by the local bodies like Municipal Councils for property tax collections. Katha certificate is a certificate issued by the Municipal office confirming that the Katha (account) of a particular property stands in the name of particular person/s. Katha Extract is the extract from the Tax Assessment register maintained at Municipal office giving complete details of the property like area of the site, building, property tax, levies, cess and total tax payable, the name of the previous owner, and present owner.

Encumbrance certificates are issued by sub-registrar offices for any specific period as required by the applicant. They contain the details of the property like survey no., house no, boundaries and any encumbrances like sale, gift, mortgage of the property which are registered at the said sub-registrar’s office. They do not reflect the encumbrance which is not registered.


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