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I have recently transferred to Bangalore. Being impressed by the City, I want to buy a flat but my resources are limited. Can I register only undivided share of the Land as the flat is still being constructed. Later on completion of the construction, whether possession can be taken supported by possession certificate? Whether this type of transition is legally valid?

- by Narayana Reddy, Raichur

You can register the undivided share of land as the flat is still being constructed. But please ensure that the full particular of flat to be purchased is incorporated in the sale deed of the undivided share of the land. 

However, the allotment letter from the builder or promoter is a must. After the construction is completed as per the construction agreement, you may take possession of the flat duly supported by the possession certificate. There is no need to register the flat built under construction agreement as the sale deed of undivided share of the land is already registered.


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