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I have planned to purchase a site in Mysore Road. The site is duly converted for non-agricultural residential purpose. This is a private layout the developers claim that they have NOC from BDA and also have paid betterment charges. Will NOC from BDA is enough:

- by Shylendra, Bangalore

Please verify whether the layout is approved by BDA or BMRDA or BMIC or by any other approved planning authority as the registration of sites in layouts not approved by planning authorities are prohibited. NOC from BDA generally relates to the status of the site on a particular date but does not guarantee that in future BDA will not acquire the land, nor layout is approved. If the betterment charges are paid to CMC and katha in form no 19 is available and the layout is approved by authorised planning agency, you may purchase the site provided that the title of the seller is good. It would be advisable to proceed through an advocate.


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Q:- I have purchased a site at Kengeri measuring 30’ x 40’.  But the sale deed which was registered mentions the area as 29’ X 40’.  The consideration was paid for 30’ X 40’.  I did not consider it as major mistake as the entire site area of 30’ X 40’ was fenced and the site was in my possession from the date of purchase that is 1990.  I have constructed a house also. However my neighbor is claiming that 1’ X 40’ area belongs to him. I seek your kind advice as to the course of action to be taken. 

I would like to state that I bought a site in BSK VI stage. I am desired to know more about the area and the progress that is being taken place. By what time the area will be fully developed to proceed on constructing a house.
What are the documents other than sale deed,  Khata, tax paid receipt required to avail loan from the banks? Is encumbrance certificate to be made if the allotment is made by the BDA directly?

Q:- My father owns a property in Bangalore. It consists of ground floor only, we are two brothers and one sister. Property in question stands in the name of my father, which is self acquired. I have been granted a home loan to construct the first floor; my sister and brother have given no objection letter to construct the first floor. Later on my brother wants to construct the second floor. But my father has refused to give no objection letter or even cede our proportionate share in the property. Please advice how to overcome this problem. 

Q:- If a property is approved by BDA, BMRDA or by BIAPPA. Can that piece of land be lost by way of acquisition?

Q:- Shall I purchase a revenue site at Sarjapura Road, Bangalore?