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I am purchasing a BDA corner property along with a house. What are the documents that I must collect from the vendor?

- by Debjit Roy, Sriramapura

You must collect the following documents from the vendor at the time of execution of the Sale Deed:

(a) Auction sale confirmation letter issued by the BDA.

(b) Receipt issued by the BDA or bank challan for the cost of site.

(c) Certified copy of the auction sale agreement.

(d) Possession Certificate issued by BDA.

(e) Khata Certificate issued by BDA (or BBMP if the area comes under it).

(f) Tax-paid receipts including latest tax-paid receipt.

(g) Encumbrance Certificate from the date of allotment to date.

(h) License for construction.

(i) Copy of Sanction Plan.

(j) Tax Assessment Order for the building.

(k) Original Sale Deed executed by BDA.

In addition to these important documents you must collect sanitary sanction letter and the last bill paid to the electricity board and water supply board.


These are all the legal questions answered by Advocate S.Selvakumar in various magazines, in various occasion including realestate reporter monthly.


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