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I am purchasing a site from CMC limits and it is also a co-operative society site. The query is that the bank where I had applied for loan told me that this site will come under green belt and they cannot fund for this site. My query is for this site, the Katha certificate is there, recent tax paid receipts are there, encumbrance is there, GPA is there and almost the documents are all correct and one more, people have constructed houses next to this layout, and there is BDA Layout coming next to 0.5 km from this site and there are roads, lights, water, and there is no problem at all. I do not know why the bank is telling that this site will come under green belt. Please furnish all the details as to how this comes under green belt. I am speaking about the Karmikara Raitara Sangha and Dwarakanagar Welfare Association, which is located in Channasandra near Uttarahalli.

- by S. Narasimha,

You should have verified the land use and zonal regulations before purchasing the site. The comprehensive development plan has categorized the city and its surroundings into various zones such as residential, commercial, industrial and green belt. Only specified activities are permitted in zones residential activity is not permitted in Green Belt Area. Only agricultural and allied activities are allowed in green belt area. You may verify the maps available at BDA to know whether the particular property falls under green belt area or not and if does not fall under green belt area, you may convince your bank accordingly.


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