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If a Rectification deed has the omission of survey number, can this omissions be shown in a separate sheet as ‘Annexure’ which is duly signed by Vendor in the presence of an Advocate and attach this annexure to the original Rectification deed? I ask this question because when I sell this property after some years later, this 'Annexure' could serve as a remainder tome to  add all such omissions in the next new Sale deed. Please advise.

- by Ramachandraiah, K.R. Puram.

The proposal you have put forth could only serve as a reminder to you when you execute any further sale deed, but such unregistered documents would not have legal sanctity. Any correction, addition or deletion to any registered need to be carried out by way of rectification deed since such rectified documents also need registration in the concerned sub-registrar's office.


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