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I am not able to understand the difference between Khata Certificate and Khata Extract. Would you please enlighten me on this?  Could you also brief me about the importance of Encumbrance Certificate?

- by Venketesh, Srirampuram

Khata is revenue record main¬tained by the municipal authorities in respect of a property standing in the name of a particular person for purposes of assessment and collection of property tax. As it is a secondary document, in the absence of primary documents like sale deed, gift, partition deed, release deed, will, grant, etc., It does not establish the title in its totality.

Khata Certificate is a certificate issued by the Municipal authority Office confirming that the Khata of a particular property stands in the name of particular person/s.
Khata Extract is the extract of the tax assessment register maintained at Municipal Office giving complete details of the property like area of the site, building, property tax levied, cess and total tax payable, name of the previous owner and the present owner.

Encumbrance Certificates are issued by sub-registrar offices for a specific period as required by the applicant. They contain the details of the property like survey no, house no, boundaries, and encumbrance like sale, gift, mortgage of the property if any which are registered at the said sub-registrar's office. They do not reflect the encumbrances which are not registered.


These are all the legal questions answered by Advocate S.Selvakumar in various magazines, in various occasion including realestate reporter monthly.


Q:- I am purchasing a site from CMC limits and it is also a co-operative society site. The query is that the bank where I had applied for loan told me that this site will come under green belt and they cannot fund for this site. My query is for this site, the Katha certificate is there, recent tax paid receipts are there, encumbrance is there, GPA is there and almost the documents are all correct and one more, people have constructed houses next to this layout, and there is BDA Layout coming next to 0.5 km from this site and there are roads, lights, water, and there is no problem at all. I do not know why the bank is telling that this site will come under green belt. Please furnish all the details as to how this comes under green belt. I am speaking about the Karmikara Raitara Sangha and Dwarakanagar Welfare Association, which is located in Channasandra near Uttarahalli.

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Q:- I have purchased a site measuring 30’ X 40’ in a private layout formed on a converted land. The layout has roads, drainage, water and power facilities and is well developed. The layout is situated at Parapana Agrahara. Recently, BDA has notified this survey no. for acquisition for formation of Hi-tech city.  The preliminary notification is released recently. Please advise how to proceed?

Q:- I have purchased a land on Kanakapura road from one of my friends. On verifying the documents I came to know that the said land was originally allotted to the member of a Schedule Caste from the Government of Karnataka. My friend from whom I have purchased the land had purchased it from the said member of Schedule Caste 10 years back. I learnt there are some restrictions on sale of such property. Please inform whether I derive good, valid title to the land?