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I have leased out my house on a monthly rent of  Rs. 5000/-.  The exact lease period is not set forth and the lease deed is also not registered.  The house was recently constructed and has been leased out just six months back.  Now I need the house for my personal use.  Please advise about the mode of notice to be issued for eviction.

- by Mallappa, Makri Circle

You have informed that the lease period is not set forth and the lease deed is not registered.  In the absence of lease period, the lease is deemed to be a lease from month to month.  Such lease may be terminated by fifteen days' notice; ending on the last day of the calendar month.  The notice should be in writing, signed by the Lessor or his authorised agent which may be sent by registered post with acknowledgement due or may be delivered personally against acknowledgement. The notice period commences from the date of receipt of the notice.  It is advised to issue a notice during the first week of calendar month terminating the lease period on the last day of the month.


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