What are the charges other than interest that are levied by home loan lenders?

Almost all lenders charge certain administrative or processing fees apart from interest for providing home loan. You must compare all these charges well before signing a home loan contract.  The following are some charges:

Legal fees: payable to the lender or to the legal consultants of the lender

Technical or Valuation charges: payable to the lender or to his technical consultant. 

Pre Closure Charges: This is the biggest charge that most borrowers miss taking into account. A loan can be prepaid either in part or in full at any given point of time. You can also prepay a loan even when it is only partly disbursed. However, most banks  have an upper limit on the number of times a person can prepay his loan in a year as well as on the minimum amount you can prepay each time. Until recently, banks charged a penalty for part or full prepayment. Increased competition has forced most banks to allow repayment without any charges if it is funded from own sources. In case the borrower, is transferring the loan to another lender he will need to pay the Pre Payment charges.

Stamp Duty: Stamp duty is to be paid on the mortgage deed or on the memorandum of deposit of title deeds at the prevailing rates.