The eligibility criteria of allotment of sites is that the applicant should not own a site or a house or should not have been allotted a site or house by BDA or a Co operative Housing Society registered under Karnataka Co operative Societies Act 1969 or any other authority in Bangalore metropolitan area. Whether a person who owns a flat, which is neither, neither site nor house, is eligible for allotment?

The purpose of allotting sites is to provide residential accommodation for needy persons. Though the word ‘House’ is not defined in the BDA Act, in general parlance it means a place where one lives in. The word ‘Building’ is defined in BDA Act as “ any structure or erection, which is intended to be used for residential, industrial, commercial or other purposes, whether in actual use or not”. The act further specifies that words, expressions used but not defined shall mean as defined in City of Bangalore Municipal Corporation Act 1949, which has been replaced by Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act 1976; wherein the building is defined as inclusive of house. As such flats include the house also. The flat owners own undivided share in the land. Therefore, a flat owner in Bangalore is not eligible for a BDA site.