What is Doctrine of Accession and Improvement?

At times there will be a natural accession (addition) to the mortgaged property, where the benefit of accession to the property is available to both the mortgagor and the mortgagee. The mortgagee will have the accession as an additional security and the mortgagor on redemption is entitled to such accession.

Improvements are different from accession and are manmade. If the improvements are not separate from the mortgaged property and are made by the mortgagee without the consent of the mortgagor then the mortgagor is entitled to such improvements on redemption without any payment for improvements. But, if they are done with the consent of the mortgagor or is in compliance with the statutory obligations of the mortgagor he has to compensate the mortgagee for such improvements. If the improvements are separable from the mortgaged property then the mortgagor is at liberty to pay for and acquire or not to pay and acquire them.