What are Conditions for cancella¬tion of PIO Card?

In terms of paragraph 9 of the scheme, the Central Government can cancel the PIO Card without giving any reasons. If the Government is satisfied that: (a) the PIO Card was obtained by means of fraud, false representation or concealment of any material fact; or (b) the PIO Card holder has shown himself  by act or speech to be disaffected towards the constitution of India and other laws of India; or (c) the PIO Card holder is a citizen or subject of any country at war with, or committing external aggression against India; or of any other country assisting the country at war with, or committing such aggression against India ; or (d) the PIO Card holder has been sentenced in India for indulging in acts of terrorism, smuggling of narcotics, arms, ammunitions etc. or has been sentenced for committing an offence punishable with imprisonment upto one year or fine upto rupees ten thousand; or (e) it is not conducive to the public interest that the person should continue to hold a PIO Card.