What are the documents to be produced at the time of registration of Agricultural land?

The sale and purchase of agriculture land has many restrictions and as such many documents conforming to the requisites are required for registration:

1. Two copies of affidavit stating that the transaction is not violative of Section 22-A of Indian Registration Act.

2. Two copies of affidavit about owning agriculture lands.

3. If the property is granted land or of occupancy rights NOC from Tahsildar.

4. Declaration under Section 81 A of Land Reforms Act.

5. Form No. I prescribed in Karnataka Stamp (prevention of under valuation).

6. Permanent Account Number issued by Income Tax Department or declaration in form 60 or 61 if the value of the property to be registered is more than Rs.5.00 lakhs and where payment is completely or partially through cash.

7. ‘J’ form.

8. Purchaser’s pahani.

9. Copy of the RTC of the property to be registered.


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