Which are the sectors where FDI is not allowed in India under the Automatic Route as well as Government Route?  

FDI is prohibited under Government as well as Automatic Route for the following sectors:

(1) Retail Trading (except single brand product retailing)  

(2) Atomic Energy  

(3) Lottery Business  

(4) Gambling and Betting 

(5) Business of Chit Fund 

(6) Nidhi Company 

(7) Agricultural or plantation activities (Notification No. FEMA 94/2003-RB dated June 18, 2003). 

(8) Housing and Real Estate business (except development of townships, construction of residential/commercial premises, roads or bridges to the extent specified in Notification No. FEMA 136/2005-RB dated July 19, 2005) 

(9) Trading in Transferable Development Rights (TDRs).