What are the consequences of purchasing a Revenue Site by a non-agriculturist?

The very acquisition of revenue site (agricultural land) is against the law. The Karnataka Land Reforms Act makes it very clear that such purchase is null and void. If any non-agriculturist purchases revenue site (agricultural land), he is duty bound to inform the details of land and his annual income to the jurisdictional Tahsildar within 90 days from the date of purchase. The Tahsildar after enquiry will forward the details to the deputy commissioner. The deputy commissioner will notify that such lands shall stand transferred to and vest in the State Government, from some specified date without any compensation. Many form such as no. 9 & 10 issued are false, and the original revenue records remain in the name of the Original owner. In case of acquisition by BDA / KHB / government the original owner will get the compensation and not the purchaser.
Further, though the form nos. 9 & 10 mentions the site no. and area in square feet, the original records continue to mention survey numbers and area in Acres and Guntas. It would be very difficult to identify the exact site, its area and boundaries and link with form no. 9 & 10.