What is a Will?

Will is a private and confidential document written by a living person, who is referred as Testator, manifesting the intention to bequeath the properties in favour of the beneficiaries as intended. In other words, it is the declaration of the intention of the testator as to the disposal of the property after his death, which will be operative only after the death of the Testator or Testatrix. A will must deal with the intention of the Testator/Testatrix as to how the property has to be dealt after his/her death. To execute a Will, the Testator has to be a major and of sound mind and health, which is generally presumed unless proved otherwise. However, burden of proof is on the party disputing the competency of the Testator. The Will is to be attested by two witnesses who will sign the Will in the presence of each other and the presence of the Testator.