What is the status of child adopted by Muslims, Christians?

As stated earlier the personal laws of Muslims, Christians do not recognize adoption. As such the legal position differs. Adopted child does not get any rights or has any obligations or liabilities like that of a natural child.  The adoption in case of Non-Hindus is governed by Guardians and Wards Act 1890.  The relation between the adopted child and the adoptive parents is like that of guardian and ward and not like parents and child.

So, the guardian and ward are not legal heirs of each other and are not entitled to succeed to the property of each other. In case of death of the guardian, natural legal heirs of the guardian, not the adopted child (ward), succeed to the property of the guardian.  Similarly, in case of death of the adopted child (ward) natural parents and relatives of adopted child succeed to the property of the ward and not the guardian.

However wherever custom is given priority in the legislation over the personal laws, the custom prevails. In certain sections of Muslims the adoption is recognized.

As such it is always advisable that the guardian writes a will bequeathing the property to his ward or may gift the properties to the ward. Similarly, the ward may also bequeath his property to the guardian or transfer by gifts.