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What is Floor Area Ratio (FAR)?

Floor Area Ratio means the quotient obtained by dividing the total covered area of all the floors by the plot area.  Floor area includes the mezzanine floor also.
a) The floor excludes the area used for car parking, staircase room, lift room, ramp, escalators, ducts, water tanks, main sanitary duct, open balcony area, machine rooms.
b) When sites do not face the road of required width noted against each then the FAR applicable to corresponding width of roads shall apply.
c) When a site faces wider road then the one prescribed against it, the FAR shall be restricted only to the limit prescribed for the area of that particular site.
d) When coverage is less than the maximum prescribed in Table No.24, more No. of floor and height may be permitted to utilize the full FAR.
e) The setbacks and coverage are irrespective of the road width.


A person is having more than one flat in a building. Is his voting rights in proportion to his stake?

Ours is a registered Association (Societies Act)  and we are collecting the maintenance charges equally irrespective of the fact whether it is a two or three bed room flat or of the UDS area. 
This decision is taken in our G.B. Meeting because of the fact that the maintenance is collected for keeping the Security personnel, cleaning and lighting the common area, purchase of water when yield from bore wells are not sufficient and pumping water from bore well to sump and from sump to OH tank. 
We are providing 24 hours uninterrupted water supply. We wish to know whether any mention is made in the act regarding collection of maintenance charges.

The legal grounds under which a defaulting tenant can be vacated: is that if any tenant   guilty of an act or conduct which is nuisance to other occupiers of the portions in the same building or buildings in the neighbourhood can be forced  to vacate as per prevailing law.
In our case, one among eight owners (residents) is willfully creating a nuisance by the way of additional burden to remaining residents (owners or their tenants) by not sharing the expenses towards common facilities but continuing to enjoy all the common facilities.

Can the Customer, after executing agreement, by a simple letter authorize the Company to present the same for registration before registrar?

In case of non compliance of the provisions of this Act, what are the consequences?

Whether the Karnataka Apartment Ownership Flats( Regulation of the Promotion of constructions, sale and management and Transfer) Act, 1972 is in force ?

For what purposes housing loan can be availed?

What is defect liability period? What do you mean by guarantee and warranty period?

When the builder will hand over the project to the owners association and what documents builders are supposed to give?

When a project is called a “Completed Project”?