It is the normal practice that banks advance money to the individual borrowers for purchase of flats in an apartment building. Suppose after release of  home loan to the individual borrower, either in full or in part, who in turn has passed on this sum to the developer and  the developer abandons the project half way through  or unduly  delays in completion of the apartment building depriving the borrower to get the sale deed  executed in his favour, then how  the bank can enforce its  right for the money lent to the borrower for purchase of a flat in  the said apartment building? 

While advancing money to an individual apartment buyer in an apartment building, the bank should insist on providing sufficient number of guarantors and other securities for prompt repayment of the money borrowed. It may be noted that till the apartment is registered in the name of the individual owner, the individual borrower shall not have any right over the land and building in an apartment building.