What is the procedure of admitting a document for registration?

If all the persons executing the document appear personally before the officer and/or are personally known to him or if he is otherwise satisfied that they are the persons who represent themselves to be and if they all admit the execution of the document, the Registering Officer should register the document as required under Section 58 of the ‘the Registration Act, 1908’.  He should endorse the following particulars, viz:

a) The signature and admission of every person admitting the execution of the document in person or by his representative, assign or agent; 

b) The signature and admission of every person examined in reference to such a document;

c) Any payment of money or delivery of goods made in the presence of the Registering Officer in reference to the execution of the document and any admission or receipt of consideration made in his presence in reference to such execution.  If any person admitting the execution of a document refuses to endorse the same, the Registering Officer nevertheless is empowered to register such a document but he should endorse a note of such a refusal and as required under Section 59 of the Act, as he should affix the date and his signature to all endorsements made under Section 52 and 58 of the Act which is relating to the same document.

After completion of all formalities related to registration, the Registering Officer shall endorse on the document a certificate containing the word “Registered” together with the number.