Is a description of an immovable property, which is the subject matter of the document to be registered necessary to be set out in the Schedule attached to the agreement?  Is it necessary to annex maps or plans of the immovable property?

Section 21 of the ‘the Registration Act, 1908’ deals with the provisions relating to the description of an immovable property along with maps or plans.  It is always necessary, with a view to identify the property involved in a document, that the description of the property is mentioned in a separate schedule, preferable with maps or plans, so as, to enable the Registering Authority to make notes in the books to be preserved.  
The description should mention the area of the property, the number of the property, the boundaries of the property, the streets on which it is situated, along with the name of the village, Taluka and district.  The city Survey Number, with Hissa Number if any, should also be mentioned.  It is the discretion of the registering officer to refuse to accept a document if the description of the immovable property is not sufficient to identify the property correctly.